Simple Square Poppers

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Bubble Fidget Toy can effectively relieve stress and anxiety, or kill boring time. This is indeed a good way to relax, for kids,adults with autism or stress.

Bubble Fidget Toys game that can exercise children's logical thinking ability and practical ability. If the player continuously presses any number of bubbles and then presses the missing bubbles again, the game will fail.
Fidget Toy, can be pressed repeatedly, durable ,washable. Bubble Fidget Toys is made of the BPA free silicone material with safety tested.
Fidget Toy is lightweight and easy to carry, it can be played wherever you go. A perfect carry-on toy in a car, plane, school, office, restaurant, camping, travel.

Product Description

Material: Silicone material
Size: 4.5*4.5*2cm(2.95*2.63*0.6INCH)
Keyword: Keychain fidget toys
Note: The color/style of the product can be different from the images due to stock availability.